Listen. The Second Part of Read. Listen. Live!

Who are you listening to? Or rather, what are you listening to?

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The radio? Have you read the words of that song you think is so great? You might want to check it out. You can use Shazam or websites like to see what you’re putting in your mind, and yes into your soul.

Good stuff in, good stuff out. Garbage in, garbage out. If you eat potato chips and drink sugary drinks do you think that will give you the healthy body you want? Same thing, even more so, with your mind.

News? Most of it we can’t do anything about. It mostly frustrates or depresses us and makes us feel anxious, hopeless and powerless. Whether by radio or television, if we consume too much news we will not feel good and will not live lives full of energy and prosperity.

Am I saying no to radio and television? No, but you have to be careful on what you watch and listen to. It really will change you and your life and probably not for the better.

Intentional Listening

That’s where we control our input. Which we know will change our output [lives]!

So, let me help you find some good things and people to listen to:

Read. The First Part of Read. Listen. Live!

To change your life, you need to change your thinking.
To change your thinking, you need to change your input.

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I am passionate about reading, learning and helping others make life into all it can be.

And reading is a big part of this. In the Recommended Reading category I share some of the best things to read that I know of on Life, Small Business, Relationships, Health and many other topics that I believe will interest and will help you.

It has always amazed me that for less than $20, and a little time, you can learn what it has taken someone a lifetime to learn. By reading their story you can save yourself thousands of dollars, hours or years of time and untold heartache. When an author writes a book, they are giving you their best, they’ve researched and compiled and condensed information into what really is important.

Why is it that most people read so little? Is it because they don’t have time? Or they are lazy?

8 Benefits of reading

1- It helps your thinking. Because books are linear, it helps order your own thoughts. It can calm your mind.

The only thing that’s going to change you from where you are now to where you’ll be five years from now are the books you read, the people you meet, and the dreams you dream. -Lou Holtz