There’s Gotta Be…

A better way.

When I first started wanting to write this blog I was searching for names there were many things I wanted to say, much of it was around statements like these:

There's Gotta Be a Better Way

There’s gotta be…a better way.
There’s gotta be…more to life.
There’s gotta be…a reason this is happening. 
There’s gotta be…a solution.
There’s gotta be…an answer. 

I’ve always believed that by taking the time to sit and think and write that the ideas would come, that the answers would appear and that I could figure it out. Sometimes the “Gotta Be’s” come from frustration, sometimes they come from hope, but they always come because something in my life just is not working the way I want it to.

So, the name of this blog was almost TheresGottaBe. (There’s gotta be…a great name for my blog?) As you know it ended up being, which is a perfect name for what I want to share here.

Let me share a few ways that you (and me too!) can answer the questions our Gotta Be’s pose.