Read. The First Part of Read. Listen. Live!

To change your life, you need to change your thinking.
To change your thinking, you need to change your input.

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I am passionate about reading, learning and helping others make life into all it can be.

And reading is a big part of this. In the Recommended Reading category I share some of the best things to read that I know of on Life, Small Business, Relationships, Health and many other topics that I believe will interest and will help you.

It has always amazed me that for less than $20, and a little time, you can learn what it has taken someone a lifetime to learn. By reading their story you can save yourself thousands of dollars, hours or years of time and untold heartache. When an author writes a book, they are giving you their best, they’ve researched and compiled and condensed information into what really is important.

Why is it that most people read so little? Is it because they don’t have time? Or they are lazy?

8 Benefits of reading

1- It helps your thinking. Because books are linear, it helps order your own thoughts. It can calm your mind.



This is probably the second best book (The Bible being #1) that I’ve ever read.

Years ago when I first discovered it, it really helped me get free of controlling people and controlling situations in my life. Henry Cloud and John Townsend have broken things down and put ideas and actions to take into simple steps.

I have given away many copies of this book to people that were trying to get their lives in order and didn’t know where to start. Reading this book is a great first step.

If you want to as the book tag says, “Take Control of Your Life”, this is a must read.

NIV Single Column

NIV Single Column Bible (Zondervan)

I’m a Jesus Follower so that makes The Bible the most important book and therefore the one I most recommend. I really like the single column format for ease of reading as opposed to the traditional 2 column that most people use. The single column is more comfortable and for me feels more personal. If you haven’t tried it, you should, I think you’ll like it.

And for those that might be reading this that aren’t Jesus Followers, I’m sure you know that there are many great thoughts and ideas that have found their way into everyday life, that people reference. You can use it as a source for when people do mention a passage. Don’t let any past issues or prejudices keep you away from wisdom, so matter where it comes from.