Love and Respect- Now a Podcast!

Love and Respect PodcastIt is very exciting that Emerson Eggerichs, author of the book Love and Respect, has just launched a podcast co-hosted with his son Jonathan Eggerichs. There’s lots of very insightful and helpful information that they share.

The message of Love and Respect is probably one of the best and most common sense I’ve heard on building a healthy marriage. The “secret” he shares has been hidden in plain sight for years. When you hear it, and understand it, you will probably wonder why it hasn’t been shared by other ‘so-called’ marriage experts.

When you listen and “get it”, you will say, “Wow, that’s pretty simple,”

Check out the Love and respect podcast here or on iTunes. And I highly recommend getting a copy of the book here. If your spouse is open to it, get 2 copies and both of you read it at the same time, it’s a great way to grow together.

You can also get more great information at the Love and Respect website. Make sure to subscribe to the blog.

There’s Gotta Be…

A better way.

When I first started wanting to write this blog I was searching for names there were many things I wanted to say, much of it was around statements like these:

There's Gotta Be a Better Way

There’s gotta be…a better way.
There’s gotta be…more to life.
There’s gotta be…a reason this is happening. 
There’s gotta be…a solution.
There’s gotta be…an answer. 

I’ve always believed that by taking the time to sit and think and write that the ideas would come, that the answers would appear and that I could figure it out. Sometimes the “Gotta Be’s” come from frustration, sometimes they come from hope, but they always come because something in my life just is not working the way I want it to.

So, the name of this blog was almost TheresGottaBe. (There’s gotta be…a great name for my blog?) As you know it ended up being, which is a perfect name for what I want to share here.

Let me share a few ways that you (and me too!) can answer the questions our Gotta Be’s pose.

Listen. The Second Part of Read. Listen. Live!

Who are you listening to? Or rather, what are you listening to?

Ky Olsen - Flicker

The radio? Have you read the words of that song you think is so great? You might want to check it out. You can use Shazam or websites like to see what you’re putting in your mind, and yes into your soul.

Good stuff in, good stuff out. Garbage in, garbage out. If you eat potato chips and drink sugary drinks do you think that will give you the healthy body you want? Same thing, even more so, with your mind.

News? Most of it we can’t do anything about. It mostly frustrates or depresses us and makes us feel anxious, hopeless and powerless. Whether by radio or television, if we consume too much news we will not feel good and will not live lives full of energy and prosperity.

Am I saying no to radio and television? No, but you have to be careful on what you watch and listen to. It really will change you and your life and probably not for the better.

Intentional Listening

That’s where we control our input. Which we know will change our output [lives]!

So, let me help you find some good things and people to listen to:

Welcome to Read Listen Live!

Welcome to Read Listen Live. I’m very excited to share some ideas and resources that I have learned and used, that others have used, and that you can use to change your life into one that brings you meaning and purpose, joy and hope, and success and blessings. I hope to help you, and help myself, because I’m on this journey too, make positive, lasting changes in all areas of your life from relationships to career to health or just doing it for yourself.

Photo Credit: Ramesh NG

Many things from my past have come together to get to here. Years ago, I started listening to tapes (yep, years ago!) from people who were teaching ways improve one’s life in relationships and business and sales from people like Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins and Tony Ribbons.

I’ve always been a reader since grade school, when other kids would buy one or two books from the book club, I would buy 10 or 15 or 20, I would buy them with my own money, and I would read them! When I hit my teenage years and then adult, I started consuming non-fiction (I always think non-fake) books on subjects like sales or self improvement or relationships or “finding God”. I was always impressed that for less than $20 I could learn what it had taken someone years or even a lifetime to learn and they wanted to share that information with me. I knew too, that what you feed your mind and soul affects the output of your thoughts and hopes and dreams and life.