Listen. The Second Part of Read. Listen. Live!

Who are you listening to? Or rather, what are you listening to?

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The radio? Have you read the words of that song you think is so great? You might want to check it out. You can use Shazam or websites like to see what you’re putting in your mind, and yes into your soul.

Good stuff in, good stuff out. Garbage in, garbage out. If you eat potato chips and drink sugary drinks do you think that will give you the healthy body you want? Same thing, even more so, with your mind.

News? Most of it we can’t do anything about. It mostly frustrates or depresses us and makes us feel anxious, hopeless and powerless. Whether by radio or television, if we consume too much news we will not feel good and will not live lives full of energy and prosperity.

Am I saying no to radio and television? No, but you have to be careful on what you watch and listen to. It really will change you and your life and probably not for the better.

Intentional Listening

That’s where we control our input. Which we know will change our output [lives]!

So, let me help you find some good things and people to listen to:

Podcasts: They are free! And they are on so many subjects from starting a small business to relationships to cooking to healthy living. You’re going to find many of my favorites here at the Recommended Listening page at Read Listen Live.

With an iPhone it’s super easy, at iTunes you can search out authors or subjects and listen for free.

With an Android you can use a program like Stitcher or Sound Cloud. Easy and free!

Or if you don’t have a smart phone you can listen right from your computer using iTunes or other programs. Many speakers and authors even have ways to listen to their messages right on their websites, where you can even read or print out the show notes.

Many top podcasters even have their own apps to make it even easier to listen. And did I mention, it’s free?

You’ll find detailed information on how to set up and listen to podcasts here [iPhone] and here [Android] and here [PC computer] and [Mac].

And it’s free!

It is truly amazing how much valuable information, on a myriad of subjects, is out there and available and easy to access.

Many podcasts are made of of interviews and conversations with some really smart people like Guy Kawasaki or Michael Hyatt or Seth Godin. It’s fun and interesting to hear them talk about their successes and failures and to give advice that you can use to change your life.

By listening to several podcasts on a particular subject you can get a college degree quality education on almost anything you want to learn.

Don’t have time to go to classes? Have the classes come to you. You can, as they say, make your car a rolling university. Just 15 minutes per day to work and 15 from your job equals 7500 minutes a year or 125 hours! That’s like taking more than 5 college courses. Wow! Or you can chew bubble gum with your brain and listen to the latest from Justin Bieber or Katy Perry or Lil Wayne.

Oh yes, and it’s free!

Audiobooks: Either by MP3 download or streaming from places like Audible or Audiobooks or by purchasing CD copies of the books. Many are actually read by the authors.

Imagine having someone like Stephen Covey sitting next to you in your car reading you his book- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Joyce Meyer reading The Battlefield of the Mind or Thomas Stanley reading The Millionaire Next Door to you? Pretty cool, don’t you think?

They say we become like the people we associate with, in fact we are a composite of the 5 people we are closest to. If your present associates aren’t where you want to be find some new “friends”. When you were growing up your parents were always concerned with who you were hanging out with, now you know why!

Plus as we discussed in the post on Read, The First Part of Read Listen Live, audiobooks actually count toward part of your reading so you win twice, Read and Listen! That’s efficient and effective.

You Tube: I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but you can learn and be shown how to do almost anything on You Tube. It is the second busiest search engine behind Google. This is great for those “hands on” learners. And many great authors and speakers have their own You Tube channels or you can see them speak at different events.

TV: I’m not down on TV. Yes, there’s lots of junk, but some good stuff too. Do you have an idea for a new business? Shark Tank is great to watch and learn what does and doesn’t work. Charlie Rose does some great interviews of people in the news and business on his show. And of course, you can learn to cook or remodel a house or live a healthy life. It’s not the shows you sit down to watch, it’s the other 3 that you watch mindlessly that will cost you.

Other good stuff:

Ted Talks are great short speeches and talks from many leaders an doers and shakers.
Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die
Billy Graham: Technology and Faith

Take away:

Listen Intentionally
Make your car a rolling university.
Eliminate the junk.

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