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To change your life, you need to change your thinking.
To change your thinking, you need to change your input.

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I am passionate about reading, learning and helping others make life into all it can be.

And reading is a big part of this. In the Recommended Reading category I share some of the best things to read that I know of on Life, Small Business, Relationships, Health and many other topics that I believe will interest and will help you.

It has always amazed me that for less than $20, and a little time, you can learn what it has taken someone a lifetime to learn. By reading their story you can save yourself thousands of dollars, hours or years of time and untold heartache. When an author writes a book, they are giving you their best, they’ve researched and compiled and condensed information into what really is important.

Why is it that most people read so little? Is it because they don’t have time? Or they are lazy?

8 Benefits of reading

1- It helps your thinking. Because books are linear, it helps order your own thoughts. It can calm your mind.

2- It allows you to discover thoughts you may be thinking and seeing an author put it in the exact words you want to use. Guess what? If you read it, you can now use it, it’s now yours!

3- It helps you to be a more interesting person. It’s an old term, but they used to describe someone as well read. That’s an interesting contrast to someone who doesn’t read. Don’t they call those people ignorant?

4- It saves time. If you want to learn something, isn’t investing a few dollars and a little bit of time preferable to “figuring it out yourself”. Save yourself the pain of mistakes and regrets. If you are going to travel to a new city or a new country, read something about it before you get there, it will make your journey much better.

5- It saves money. Mistakes are costly, learn from other’s mistakes, it’s much cheaper than making them yourself. It can even make you money, there are many successful people who share what they know, and how they did what they did, to get where they are. And if it’s a place you want to be, you can follow their advice.

6- It lets you hang out with good, successful people. When we spend 3 or 4 hours reading a book by someone, it’s just like hanging out with them. And it’s in a listening, learning mode. Do you want to start your own business? Do you want a successful marriage? Do you want to be a millionaire? “Hang out” with people that are and do and have what you want. One author I like, Michael Hyatt, asks people that want to “pick his brain”, “Have you read my book?” Duh!, read his book, it is picking his brain. There are so many people that have written books, not because they wanted to make money, but because they wanted to share and teach and encourage others through what they’ve experienced and learned, for some it actually helps them make sense of what they went through!

7- It, of course, helps you learn something you didn’t know. Or to dig deeper into a subject. It’s been said that if you read 3 or 4 books on a single subject, you are an expert.

8- And the big one, it will change you. To be healthy, we need to eat healthy. What goes in your mind is what comes out. You know the saying, Garbage in, Garbage out? That’s super true for your mind and soul.

That is why we should read.

Now, what should we read?

Books, just as mentioned, are great resources. I use the Kindle Reader, the Nook App and iBooks on my iPad because it allows me to have good stuff with me at all times, it’s at my fingertips and it’s searchable.

But, I really like sitting down with a hard copy, real book, real paper. Especially with a cup of coffee, it’s a time for me!

Let me ask, how’s your library? When was the last time you bought a book? When was the last time you read a book? You know what I’m going to tell you to do, don’t you? Read a book!

Blogs. There are so many people out there, sharing, giving knowledge and experience and ideas and encouragement. There is for sure, without a doubt, someone, somewhere that has gone through or is going through what is happening in your life. Find them. Read what they have to say, what worked, what didn’t?

Yes, not everything on the internet is good or true or helpful, but if you take your time, you will find your, “trusted sources”.

Although I’ve been on a news fast, when I was paying close attention to the news, I had my trusted sources of just a few people who I knew how they thought and where they were coming from and they did dive deep into it, so I could, in just a few minutes really know what was happening in the world.

The same is true for any subject, there are people out there that have read and studied for hours and hours and have now written something that you can read in just a few minutes that you can use to change your life.

Ebooks. Lots of people, on many subjects, have put together ebooks. Many available for free, that can give you a detailed, thought out, organized and usable “short” book on things you may be interest in. Or more importantly, things you need to know, but just don’t have much time to learn. I think of many Ebooks as the “cliff’s notes” versions of their books.

Book reviews. And synopsises. (synopsii?) Here at Read Listen Live you’ll get some great reviews, but you’ll also find links to other reviews that will be helpful.

Audiobooks. I’ve heard one person say that he’s read a lot more books now that he can listen to them when he’s driving. Does that count as reading? I say yes! You’ll find more information over at the Recommended Listening page of this website.

There are resources listed and discussed here that can help you be a better reader.

Reading is a great way to change your thinking. Good stuff in, good stuff out!

Take away:
Find a book, buy a book. Read.
Start with reading 15 minutes a day. If you haven’t read for a while, you’ll need to “get in shape.”
Eliminate the garbage that you now read.

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