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Welcome to Read Listen Live. I’m very excited to share some ideas and resources that I have learned and used, that others have used, and that you can use to change your life into one that brings you meaning and purpose, joy and hope, and success and blessings. I hope to help you, and help myself, because I’m on this journey too, make positive, lasting changes in all areas of your life from relationships to career to health or just doing it for yourself.

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Many things from my past have come together to get to here. Years ago, I started listening to tapes (yep, years ago!) from people who were teaching ways improve one’s life in relationships and business and sales from people like Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins and Tony Ribbons.

I’ve always been a reader since grade school, when other kids would buy one or two books from the book club, I would buy 10 or 15 or 20, I would buy them with my own money, and I would read them! When I hit my teenage years and then adult, I started consuming non-fiction (I always think non-fake) books on subjects like sales or self improvement or relationships or “finding God”. I was always impressed that for less than $20 I could learn what it had taken someone years or even a lifetime to learn and they wanted to share that information with me. I knew too, that what you feed your mind and soul affects the output of your thoughts and hopes and dreams and life.

Then in the early 1990’s I worked at a company that produced sales and self-improvement seminars all across the country for top speakers like Brian Tracy and Harvey Mackay and Jim Rohn and many others. We would sell tape sets and books and all kinds of resources for people who came to the seminars. I loved what I did, because it helped fulfill one of my first solid beliefs, “I believe that if a person reads books and listens to tapes and attends seminars it can positively change their life.” I changed, I saw other people change and I even made a lot of money doing it. And then life got in my way and I got derailed from this path, which I’ll tell more about that later.

In the late nineties, along with other business pursuits, I became involved in the Amway business. I never made a lot of money, but I loved the meetings and positive people I was was surrounded with. I loved that we got tapes, later CD’s and books every week. There was standing order of 1 tape per week and 1 book per month, but I would buy 10 tapes per week and at least 1 book a week, which I would read and be ready for more. It was here that I learned to make my car into a “University on Wheels”.

And I loved going to the out of town weekend conferences, where I heard great motivational and inspiring stories from men and women who had come from tougher lives than I had and they overcame and built the lives they wanted to live. It was wonderful to take 3 days, several times a year to think about MY life and MY dreams and learn and plan how to get to where I wanted to be.

At one seminar, called Family Reunion, July 1994 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina I had the most life changing moment of my life! I’ll be telling much more about that later.

One other thing that gets me to here today is that I’ve always believed in the power of the internet and now it’s become something that is even hard to comprehend in the way we communicate and interact and learn. And I’m excited to be able to use it to help you and me and others learn and grow and change.

Some of the things I hope to accomplish here at Read Listen Live are:

Telling about books, blogs and podcasts (nope, not tapes!) and other resources that can help people on their quest to change.
That information will be throughout this site, but easily found here:

Recommended Reading

Recommended Listening

I’ve also got plans and outlines of Ebooks which will give step by step and source by source ways to make changes, to get unstuck and live YOUR dream.
Some of that stuff will be found here:

How to Change

One of the biggest areas I want to share is in Lifestyle Design, living the life YOU want to live. Writing and sharing here at Read Listen Live is part of my Lifestyle Design. And there’s more which I’ll be sharing as we go forward.
That information will found here:

Live Your Life

One of the things I know, is that I do not have all the answers. But, I do know some things and I do know some people who do know some answers. And I’m hoping that you will share some of the things that you know with me and the other readers of this site.

I’ll be giving you my best from what not to do, to some ideas on what to do, to here’s a resource that can help. I think we are going to have some fun on the way. We are most certainly going to learn some new stuff and that will definitely give us some new thinking and some new results and create our new, improved, richer, more meaningful lives.

Ready to join me on this journey?

Let’s go!

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